Globasket, as an idea and project, was born in 2014, after having actively participated for 10 years in formative basketball groups / teams of all levels, we see the need to globally connect young basketball players with participatory experiences, regardless of their country of origin.

At Globasket, we invite to participate any group that practices basketball from anywhere in the world, regardless of the level of play. The GBK Experiences are designed to bring together teams from different countries and compete under a competition model without elimination phases.

We started our 1st Edition (2015-16 Season) with only 32 teams. Later, in the 2018-19 Season 424 teams  from 48 different countries, were able to participate in the 12 GBK Experiences that we carried out.

In our GBK Experiences, participation is open to U10 to U18 groups, both female and male categories. Our team of technicians, managers and coaches, based on the information provided by the groups, make the assignment of the groups and competition rounds that allow a greater sporting balance.

From Globasket we want to share with our clients that SPORTS COMPETITION is just one more value of our values strategy that we are carrying out.


From our own experience of more than 10 years in formative basketball, we have identified THREE important VALUES that we want to share with young people and their families.

Educational / Cultural Training

All those young people and their families who participate in the GBK Experiences, apart from carrying out a sports activity, will be able to complete their experience with cultural activities that will further enrich their educational training.

Sports training practice

Globasket invites Clubs, Schools, Sports Associations, Colleges and Basketball Groups to participate with their U10 up to U18 girls and/or boys teams from anywhere in the world. In the formative stage of young people, sports experiences are part of their educational and integrating process with other groups of different origins, helping them to expand their contacts and friendships.

Leisure Activites

At Globasket we work so that young people and their families can complete their GBK Experience with leisure and social activities. Our production team prepares activities programs, such as: visiting beautiful Costa Brava beaches, Barcelona or Girona city tours or to go to watch a game of professional basketball teams.

GBK Upcomming Events

Globasket organize a lot of experiences during the season. There are experiences for all the girls and boys categories. Check out all the SEASON 2021/22 GBK EXEPRIENCES!!