We started Day 3 with the victories of two Spanish teams: Estudiantes won against Cluj-Napoca (55-80) and Unicaja took over Richmond Knights (48-80). Later on, Kaunas Aisciai controlled a deffensive game over Peñarol (38-52) and Maresme 3 Viles showed strength against Askatuak (24-66). Heading the midday, La Unión de Colón had no problems against Armia (85-42) such as UE Mataró won against Laguna Sharks (56-70). Later on, Fuenlabrada took over EBG Marc Gasol in a close game (79-88) and KK Mladost surpassed CB Manresa (82-53). At 17:45, Estudiantes collected their second victory of the day by getting rid of Samà Vilanova (73-86) as did Unicaja Málaga against Tres Cantos (61-81). We had more amazing games: UE Mataró won by the minimum over Richmond Knights (48-46) such as Maresme 3 Viles completed a victory against Dan Dacian (59-53). In the last matches of the day, Peñarol won a thriller against Cluj-Napoca (50-52) and Askatuak completed the group phase with a win over Manresa (71-59). 


The only thrilling game was the one between UniGeieg and UE Mataró. The visitors won by a close gap (47-50). During Day 3, Spar Gran Canaria defeated Richmond Knights (22-57), Estudiantes got rid of BC Runa (8-98) and CBS Barça was better than Tukums (36-69).

U14 A1&A2 MALE 

EBG Marc Gasol was the first winner of Day 3 by defeating Tibu (63-39). Leiria overcame Richmond Knights (61-42) such as Coslada did against Roche (87-10). Following with huge victories, Inverness City Lions showed no mercy against Santa Mónica (107-28) and Lloret de Mar outstripped GDB de Leça (38-76). Later on, Olympiada Papagou overmatched Blanes (64-36) and Maresme 3 Viles provoked the second lose of Richmond Knights (60-28). Drava Ptuj won against KK Mladost (59-40) and Casablanca did the same against Kos Koper (70-15). In the last games, Marc Gasol got the win against Zentro San Jorge (71-79) and El-Shams defeated AS Roche (87-12). 


Escolapios Bilbao took over Jesuitinas Berrospe in the tip-off game of Day 3 (36-31). The other 3 games played were very unequal: Samà Vilanova won against San Calixto (20-85), Lloret de Mar defeated Casablanca (11-40) and Roche lost to Sparta Bertrange (104-7). There were 2 games that couldn't be taken on due to different causes, although we'll try to play them in another date. 


Jesuitinas Berrospe won against Escolapios Bilbao (26-58), CB Castellar defeated San Calixto (47-42) and Santomera overtook Santa Dorotea (33-57). 


Escolapios Bilbao came up big with two victories: the first against San Calixto (71-54) and the second against KTP (35-65).

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