Almost 100 people were in the court, coaches from Cluj Napoca, Laguna Sharks, Escolapios Bilbao, Estudiantes and Uelzen Baskets, players from Centro Sportivo Peñarol and some parents. Josep Bordas was really focus on how important is to promote values, so that the education of the players will be better. "Organization, respect, loyalty, punctuality, generosity... these are compulsory". 

The speech was too pedagogic and he putted examples from his experiences with the Spanish National Team. 

There were an interesting debate about how to manage the parents' behavior. "This is the big problem and there is no a solution", said Bordas. "But we must teach them and keep working together", added. 

Bordas finished with a Platon sentence: "All humans should have the chance to be happy". And he added: "... playing".

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