Ribas, who is currently playing in FC Barcelona, remembered his beginnings in basketball, playing at school with his friends just to have fun. "We used to play with Joventut in different tournaments during the year, but it was not easy to play against foreign teams, so Globasket is a great opportunity to face against other cultures, which has not the same style as us". 

The catalan player encouraged the young attendants (100 people) to keep going with their studies. "I started to study grafic design and I hope I can finished in the following years. When you finish your career it is really important to have a degree". He also said that with 14 years he was just 155cm tall: "No one could expect, at that age, that I will be more than 190cm and I could be professional, it is a matter of work hard and believe in the process. Basketball is a sport where you have always to improve things".

Ribas explained how difficult is to be out in this season (due to a Achilles): "First of all it's hard to understand that you will not be able to help your teammates in the court, but you have to think positively and improve your weaknesses. I will have the summer to come back stronger. I have never had an injury... and this one is too much tough". 

One of his best moments it was in the Eurobasket 2015, when Spain won the gold medal: "It was my first European tournament... and we won it. So, it was like a dream. I had the confidence of the coach (Scariolo) and for me it was a pleasure to play next to Pau Gasol, which is a legend of our sport". 

When the attendants asked him several questions, Ribas recognized that he was fan of Michael Jordan.

We had also the chance to know more about FCB Escola. FCB Escola Basketball is a training school run by FC Barcelona aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 12. The students aged between 6 and 12 train twice a week with the younger ones having just one weekly session. Paco Díaz, FCB Escola's owner, talked about the importance for players to have the chance to improve technically and be able to have, maybe, some chance to play in Barcelona.

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