It was a great experience with such an interesting exchange of ideas or descriptions about basketball in different countries. Portugal, Germany, Spain, Romania, Greece, England and Lithuania were represented in the meeting, and we want to apologize for not having more countries, but the organization could not do more. 

First of all we made a presentation about each coach, just to start the informal conversation. After that, all runs away perfectly. Coaches understood the main idea of the roundtable, being really proactive and explaining how many times they train every week, how they pay for the facilities and how are the teams distributed in the leagues or regions. There were important differences which caused surprise between trainers. 

All were agree with the fact that football is, except in Lithuania and Greece, like a religion in all the countries, so that it absorbs the hole sports. Ricardo Simoes, from GDB Leça, putted the example of Cristiano Ronaldo. On the other hand, Rokas Tumpa, from Kaunas Aisciai, said that in the baltic country there is a high tradition in basketball… ¡and they train five days every week! Andreas Beserianos, from Olympiada Papagou (Greece), confirmed what we saw in the films: there are a lot of basketball courts in Athens —and also club, almost 500!-. Rugubiei Radu, from Dan Dacian (Romania), explained how the country is trying to get better (but it is not easy). Iker Arcos, from Escolapios Bilbao (Spain) spoke about how we work in youth categories, understanding there is a difference between schools and federated teams. Andrew Wallace, representing Richmond Knights (England), felt happy because female basketball is growing up in UK, so it is always great news. And Fati, Jahn Munchen’s coach, regrets on not having the best options to train because the schools finishes too late. 

They congratulated Globasket for organizing such an international tournament with teams from around the world… and of course, near to the beach. 


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