We started our first day of competition with two close victories. Richmond Knights defeated Tres Cantos (56-68) and Samà Vilanova won against Cluj-Napoca (62-56). Later on, before eating, KK Mladost outplayed Torrot Maresme 3 Viles (66-56). Samà Vilanova couldn't achieve their second victory as they lost against Kaunas Aisciai (41-60). In the afternoon, there were 3 huge victories: EBG Marc Gasol won against SC Armia (113-34), Unicaja Málaga against Laguna Sharks (107-57) and Estudiantes against Peñarol (90-46). On the red court we could see the amazing beat of KK Mladost against Askatuak (68-61), as the serbians collected their second victory on the group. After UE Mataró knocked out Tres Cantos 43-62, late in the evening we finished the day 1 with the victories of Dan Dacian over CB Manresa 2015 (65-75) and of Fuenlabrada against La Unión de Colón.


Day 1 started with an excellent triumph of UE Mataró against Richmond Knights (31-67); later on, SS Tukums showed no mercy against BC Runa (33-95) and we finished with an amazing victory of CBS Barça over Estudiantes Madrid (53-46).

U14 A1&A2 MALE 

To start the competition, Torrot Maresme 3 Viles showed strength against Olympiada Papagou (40-67), as well as EBG Marc Gasol carried out a sweated victory over KK Drava Ptuj. In midday, GDB de Leça was better than CB Coslada (59-36) and Inverness City Lions beat up Casablanca American School (74-14). The other 4 games were very unequal: KK Drava Ptuj won against American Academy Casablanca (50-24), Olympiada Papagou defeated Richmond Knights (68-39), Kos Kopper knocked-out Santa Mónica (15-99) and Zentro San Jorge won against KK Mladost (85-33). There were 3 games that couldn't be taken on due to differente causes, although we'll try to play them in another date.


The unequality has been the topic all over the day in this group. We could see huge victories: Sparta Bertrange won against San Calixto (25-76), Colexio Mariano did the same against Samà Vilanova (31-64), Jesuitinas Berrospe wiped out Lloret de Mar (12-74), Colexio Mariano defeated Sparta Bertrange in the afternoon (43-92) and Escolapios Bilbao took over Casablanca American School (117-2). There was 1 game that couldn't be taken on although we'll try to play it in another date.


Excepting the huge win of Santa Dorotea over San Calixto (78-39), we saw a very competitive first day with the victories of Jesuitinas Berrospe over Santomera (46-50) and of Escolapios Bilbao over CB Castellar (60-66).


San Calixto collected a win against KTP (47-60). There was 1 game that couldn't be taken on although we'll try to play it in another date.

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