Next 2017-2018 season. Check out the new Globasket 10 events calendar

Going to the 4th operational year, Globasket, improves their Calendar for the Youth basketball players!

On the occasion of the beginning of its fourth year of management, Globasket has been able to design and produce a NEW calendar that allows to attend to all the categories of young players of basketball, at the same time, that also extends its cities in which to organize these Events and improves the calendars of the events, so as not to interfere with the school calendar.


We reinforce our values strategy, when designing and producing our events, based on the three main pillars of any Globasket event:


Basketball practice

Any Globasket event, is open to participation of different types and levels of play in basketball: Elite teams, clubs, schools, associations,... Participation is promoted above the competition and we apply our goal of globality, offering young players the opportunity to play with teams from other countries and continents


General and specific training

In each of the events of Globasket, we incorporate a Program of Conferences, Clinics and Training, as part of the project. Our goal is to combine the balance between sports and training


Leisure and cultural activities

The attendance and participation in any event, entails an extra costs on the part of the families, that we want to improve, with the opportunity, that the attendance of the parents and friends to the Globasket Events , also became an opportunity to know new cities and visit tourist and cultural environments.


Youth team





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Globasket 2018 was a success. That’s all because we have different partners and contributors which help us to organise an event with 162 teams from 27 different countries.

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GLOBASKET 2018 - Conferences

Globasket 2018 had not only been basketball. It was more, a international experience with 162 teams (more than 3.000 persons). Globasket believes in its program of conferences, our goal is to combine the balance between sports and training. 

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